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Car insurance Netherlands

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Are you looking for a car insurance in the Netherlands? At you can compare over 28 Dutch car insurance companies. Comparing car insurance at is fast and easy. Whether you want to beat your current provider’s renewal quote or insure a new vehicle, our quick, easy price comparison tool helps you find a cheaper car insurance deal.

Requirements for taking out car insurance in The Netherlands:

  • You must have a European Union (EU) driving license.
  • Your car has a Dutch license number.
  • You have to live in the Netherlands.

Dutch car insurance

In The Netherlands it is mandatory for all cars to have at least a third party liability car insurance. This insurance is called WA (Wettelijke Aansprakelijkheid) in Dutch. Damages inflicted with your own car to other people and their property are covered with this car insurance. You can also choose more comprehensive coverages, which are called WA Plus or All Risk coverage. You can read more about the differences below.

Different kinds of car insurance NL compares different types of car insurance. Depending on your situation and your car you can choose one of these coverages:

  • WA coverage (third-party liability)
  • In The Netherlands it is mandatory to have a car insurance with at least WA-coverage. Third party liability only covers the damage that you inflict with your car to other people and their property. It will provide coverage if you have an at-fault accident (you caused the accident to take place).

    Is your car 8 years old or older? Are you not dependent on your car? And is your car not worth much anymore? In that case WA-coverage is probably your best option.

  • WA beperkt casco coverage(third-party liability + limited cover)
  • The WA beperkt casco insurance covers the damage you could cause to another car, and damage caused by circumstances beyond your control. Some examples are: car theft, car fire, broken windshield, hitting an animal with your car and damage caused by a storm.

  • All risk coverage (third-party liability + comprehensive cover)
  • All risk insurance covers damage to other cars and almost all damage to your own car. This insurance is recommended when you have a new car or when you cannot take the financial risk of having to replace your car.

Additional car insurance in the Netherlands

It is possible to add some additional insurances to your WA coverage, for example:Car insurance Netherlands

  1. No-claim protection
  2. No-claim protection is called ‘no-claimbescherming’ in dutch.
    The first damage in the current policy year does not count when determining your no-claim discount. You insure yourself against premium increases that occur when you have a loss/damage.

  3. Damage insurance for occupants
  4. The damage insurance for occupants is called a ‘schadeverzekering voor inzittenden’ in dutch. This insurance covers personal injury and damage to your luggage or clothes that is caused by a car accident. Other occupants are also covered by the insurance. The car insurance company will still cover the damages if you are the one that caused the accident.

  5. Personal accident insurance
  6. The personal accident insurance is called a ‘ongevallen-inzittendenverzekering’ in Dutch. Personal accident insurance is a policy that can reimburse your medical costs and provide compensation in case of disability or death caused by accidents.

  7. Legal expenses insurance
  8. In Dutch it is called ‘rechtsbijstandverzekering’. Legal expenses insurance protects the insured against unexpected legal fees. While some policies provide limited coverage, other policies allow for unlimited reimbursement.

  9. Deductible
  10. Deductible is called ‘eigen risico’ in dutch. After causing a car accident you will be responsible for your deductible, meaning that you must pay for damages until you reach the deductible amount, and anything above your deductible will be covered by your policy.

Compare car insurance collaborates with 28 different qualified car insurance companies and compares them for you. Our job is to make it as easy as possible for you to compare car insurance companies so you can choose the best one. Click on autoverzekering vergelijken and start comparing car insurances.

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